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WOW Electricals is a leading IMI Norgren dealer, suppliers, Distributors, online Authorized Channel partner in India, Dubai UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Nigeria & Tanzania. We have a wide range of products, we provide special prices, and same-day export globally.
Order Norgren products online from WOW Electricals | Authorized Distributor, Dealer, and Pneumatic supplier in India, Thane.
We are an authorized distributor for Shavo Norgren in Thane Navi Mumbai, with a wide range of Norgren products in stock with same-day shipping worldwide, including solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders, Air Bellow sensors, fluid control, and air filter regulators, Directional control valves, and gauges.

Dealer & Distributor for Norgren Air Preparation Products:-

Combination Units – Correct compressed air preparation means using a filter regulator lubricator (FRL) in the correct order. Combination FRL assemblies or maintenance units allow your choice of units to be assembled. Norgren box sets are the ideal assembly – a filter/regulator, lubricator, shut-off valve, gauge, and mounting brackets fully assembled.
Filter Regulators The Norgren filter regulator unit is our most popular single compressed air preparation unit. The filter regulator combines accurate pressure adjustment with bulk water (moisture) and particle removal (5 or 40 microns rating) in one unit. This benefits you by saving space and pneumatic connections for the same or improved performance.
Lubricators – Carl Norgren invented the compressed air line lubricator. Norgren offers two types of lubricators, oil-fog for those high demand applications and micro-fog for those long distance or intricate circuits. Any pneumatic actuator, valve, or device downstream will generally benefit from correct lubrication offering longer life and reducing the total cost of ownership.
FiltersNorgren offers three types of compressed air filters depending on the air quality required. General purpose filters to remove water droplets and particles to 5 or 40-micron rating. Pureaire oil removal filters to remove oil droplets or fine particles removal to 0.01 microns and Ultraire oil vapor removal filters to remove oil vapours.
Pressure RegulatorsCompressed air pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure, to suit the application or tool downstream, for reasons of safety, to reduce cost, or to even compress airline pressure. Lowering the system pressures means less risk and lower running costs. Pressure regulators available include general purpose, high flow, pilot operated or special purpose pressure regulators.
Pressure Relief ValvesPressure relief valves (PRV) are designed to help protect compressed air systems from over pressurisation for the safety of personnel and equipment. Norgren offer standard inline compressed air pressure relief valves as well as pop type pressure relief valves.
FRL Control Valves Manual Control Valves can be used to isolate the mains pressure whilst safely exhausting the secondary pressure to the atmosphere, typically during maintenance periods. The valve can be locked in the closed position. An electrical version, a dump valve, offers the same function whilst a soft start version offers additional functionality that can support further machine safety. Both the standard dump and soft start dump valves are available with pneumatic (pilot) actuation.
Stainless Steel – Stainless steel air preparation offers a high level of corrosion resistance. Where more specialized materials are preferred – our stainless steel air preparation ranges meet this requirement often meet the requirements of NACE MR-0175/2002 and can be used in oil fields, offshore, and other applications. Norgren’s range includes stainless steel filters, stainless steel filter regulators, stainless steel pressure regulators, and stainless steel lubricators.
Air Preparation Accessories – For a comprehensive range of accessories including brackets and connecting clamps to best suit your application needs.
Air Preparation SparesNorgren service kits offer all the required parts to service and maintain your air preparation equipment to extend the life of your compressed air circuit whilst maintaining optimum performance.

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