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  • ABB 2CDE110003R0511 E 232-230

    Staircase time switches with off-delay are operated by push-buttons, which are often equipped with a glow lamp. The switch levers are designed for a glow lamp current of up to 150 mA and are therefore excellently suited for installations in multistorey buildings. The E 232-230 staircase lighting timer with off-delay has an electromechanical timer relay with synchronous motor drive, which ensures a high level of operational safety in any installation position. The time range can be set in 15-second increments from one to seven minutes. Can be reswitched after 30s. The multifunctional units of the E 232E-230 Multi 10 and E 232E-8/230 Multi 10 product series have 10 functions that can be set on the front of the unit.

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