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  • ABB 2CKA006800A2759 6819/39-24-500

    DALI slave presence detector for extension of the detection range of DALI master presence detectors. For the supply of operating voltage via the DALI master. Power consumption on the DALI bus: max. 10 mA, corresponds to approx. 5 DALI operating devices. The communication with the DALI master is carried out via the DALI interface. Detection range (for installation height of 3 m): circular Seated persons: up to Ø 10 m, walking persons: up to Ø 12 m. Visible height 23 mm. Ceiling installation using integrated spring bracket. Twist protection via additional quick tensioning. Surveillance density: 72 sectors with 640 switching segments. Suitable for false ceilings with a board thickness from 9 to 25 mm. Hole size: Ø 68 mm.

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