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Shop Numeric Protection Relays. Ranges Micom P241 P242 P243. MiCOM P14x. Feeder Management Relays – MiCOM P24x. Rotating Machine Management Relay MiCOM P341 and MiCOM P922G. Buy Interconnection Protection Relays in India.

Schneider MICOM P220C00Z11200CC

Schneider P122C00Z112 MiCOM P122 Protection Relay

Schneider Low-voltage electrical distribution products and systems

Circuit Breakers and Switches – A circuit breaker, functioning as both a switch and fault interrupter, safeguards electrical systems by disrupting abnormal currents, thereby preventing damage and ensuring system integrity.

High Current Air Circuit Breakers– Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) Operations

Benefiting from high resistance, air circuit breakers effectively mitigate arc risks. Offering protection against short circuits and overcurrents up to 15kV, they operate by employing compressed air pressure to extinguish arcs.

Moulded Case Circuit Breakers – MCCBsMolded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) provide essential protection against short circuits and serve as reliable circuit switches. Their versatility extends to higher current ratings and fault levels, making them suitable for domestic and industrial applications alike.

Electrical Distribution SwitchesElectrical distribution switches, commonly known as circuit breakers, efficiently make or break electrical connections, offering users reliable switching solutions.

Changeover Switches – Changeover switches ensure uninterrupted power supply. With options ranging from 40A to 6300A, they facilitate seamless changeovers.

Interfaces and Gateways Schneider Electric’s interfaces grant real-time access to FDM switchboard data. Our gateways seamlessly connect compact circuit breakers to ethernet networks.

Motor Circuit Breakers and SwitchesA motor circuit breaker serves as a guardian for motor circuits, shielding them against overload, phase-loss, and short-circuit issues, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

EasyPact circuit breakers and switchesSchneider Electric’s EasyPact circuit breakers prioritize safety for your valuable equipment. With adjustable ratings, they cater to applications of all sizes, ensuring versatile and reliable protection.

Contactors and Protection Relays – A power conin to a multi-pole switch, is pivotal in toggling electrical circuits on and off efficiently. Distinguished tactor, akfrom conventional relays by its capability to handle higher current loads, contactors serve critical roles in applications demanding substantial power management.

Motor protection circuit-breakers – In order to ensure that all the industrial processes are running smoothly and efficiently, devices like motor starters and circuit breakers are critical. Motor circuit breakers are devices that integrate low voltage circuit breakers as well as thermal overload relays functions and facilitate the protection of motor branch circuits against overloads, phase-loss and short-circuit, besides enabling secured wiring.

Contactors and Reversing Contactors – At Schneider Electric India, our mission is to serve as your premier solution provider for all your electrical needs. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we take pride in introducing a cutting-edge line of contactors and reversing contactors meticulously crafted to synchronize seamlessly with your instrument’s electrical circuitry. Our products are engineered to precisely manage the power demands of your equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability at every turn.

Thermal Overload Relays – Schneider Electric India is renowned for its quality electrical solutions across various sectors. Discover our versatile range of thermal overload relays tailored for TeSys D, K, and F contactor ranges, ensuring reliable protection for your systems.

Electronic Over Current Relays – At Schneider Electric India, we’ve meticulously crafted a range of robust and reliable electronic overcurrent relays. Our offerings include TeSys Deca electronic relays, TeSys Deca overcurrent relays, TeSys LT3, and more.

Motor switch-disconnectors and fuses – Schneider provides essential motor switch-disconnectors and fuses, crucial for averting risks such as fires, explosions, and short circuits. Among our product ranges in this category are TeSys GS, GB2, TeSys mini-vario, ensuring high performance and safety.

Motor starter – Our skilled team has crafted diverse motor starting solutions including DOL starters, automatic motor starters, thermal magnetic motor circuit breakers, and safety switch disconnectors. Explore our range, featuring products like TeSys GV2-ME, TeSys LE DOL starters, TeSys GV2, and LC, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

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