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Introduction to Feeder Protection and Control Relays

Feeder protection and control relays play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of electrical distribution systems. These relays are designed to detect and respond to abnormal conditions in power feeders, such as overcurrent, undercurrent, and fault conditions, to protect the equipment and prevent potential damage or hazards.

Functions and Features of Feeder Protection and Control Relays

Feeder protection and control relays are equipped with a range of functions and features that enable them to effectively monitor and protect power feeders. Some of the key functions and features include:

1. Overcurrent Protection

One of the primary functions of feeder protection and control relays is to provide overcurrent protection. These relays are designed to detect and respond to excessive current flow in the feeder. When the current exceeds a predefined threshold, the relay will trip the circuit breaker, isolating the faulty section of the feeder and preventing further damage.

2. Fault Detection and Clearing

Feeder protection and control relays are also capable of detecting various types of faults, such as short circuits and ground faults, in the feeder. Once a fault is detected, the relay will initiate the necessary actions to clear the fault, such as tripping the circuit breaker or sending a signal to a remote control center for further analysis and intervention.

3. Load Monitoring and Management

In addition to protection functions, feeder protection and control relays also provide load monitoring and management capabilities. These relays can measure and monitor the load current and provide valuable data for load profiling and demand management purposes. This information can help utilities and operators optimize the utilization of their distribution systems and ensure efficient power delivery.

Feeder protection REF601

Feeder protection REJ601

Self-powered feeder protection REJ603

Feeder protection REF611REF611 is a dedicated feeder protection relay designed for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of utility substations and industrial power systems.

Line differential protection and control RED615 IEC – Compact and versatile solution for utility and industrial power distribution systems

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