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    Schneider Micom Relay MiCOM P12x P122B00Z312EC0
    Schneider Micom Relay P122B00Z312EC0 Original price was: ₹412,643.00.Current price is: ₹185,689.00.

    Product: MiCOM P12x

    SKU: P122B00Z312EC0

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  • Schneider MiCOM P841 Protection Relay

    MiCOM P841: Line Terminal Protection and Control
    The MiCOM P841 is a multi-functional line terminal control device for the control and backup protection of transmission line terminal devices.

    Contractual warranty

    Period : 2 years

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  • Schneider MiCOM P746 Numerical Relay

    Schneider Numerical Busbar Protection Relay Scheme

    MiCOM P746

    Numerical Busbar Protection

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  • Schneider MiCOM P740 Numerical Busbar Protection

    Fast, adaptable and easy to maintain

    Typically operating at 11-15ms, MiCOM P740 enables fast fault trips. It can be adapted to any busbar configuration and operates with different types of CT. A high-speed fiber optic cable, which eliminates insulation-related problems, can be used for communications between the Central Unit and the Peripheral Units.


    Fully communicant

    With the availability of IEC61850-8-1 and IEC103 protocols, the P740 is easily integrated in any substation system.

    Contractual warranty

    Period : 2 years


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